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2:GMO A GO GO !!.Mass demonstrations globally against GMO and the main ignored by the MSM.|
June 2013 The House of Commons Catering service confirmed that the ban on GM ingredients which date back to 1998 remains  in place as a matter of choice.'In line with its procurement policy,the House of Commons Catering Service avoids,wherever identifiable,the procurement of foods that contain genetically modified organisms'.(GMO). 
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January 6th 2013
Your Home Your Say
Consultation on Housing Services


January 4th 2013 Leeds City Council/Brownfield Land

Holdforth Place

Cleared 2000-2001/West Leeds Gateway SPD: Planning statement required.
Site made available for development following clearance of houses. Neighbouring land of former Children's Home is in private ownership. Preliminary discussions have taken place with registered housing providers about bringing forward a scheme and working with the Council to assemble a larger more economic site.

Former Liberal Club
Bandstand Wortley Rec Leeds
circa late 1930's

New Wortley Armley Leeds


New Wortley
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Groundwork Leeds are currently working in partnership with West North West Homes Leeds and Leeds City Council, to assess the quality of the environment along Clyde Walk and assess possible opportunities to attract external funding to implement environmental improvement works on site.

The Community Plan June 2009 has proved an excellent document and resource, and has been key to understanding the focused need of the area. We have used it; together with our own site analysis to prepare a draft masterplan for the site.

Clyde Walk to Hedleys

Improvement concept for walkway.


Big Energy upgrade

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